CNC Video Measuring Machine

Product Description

Advantages on Carmar video measuring system,

1. design and develop our measuring software in an intuitive way, allowing users to master our system very easily. Therefore, you have more time to do other important tasks. Most measuring system in current market are usually complicated and difficult to understand to use.
2. The high linear accuracy is the very basic promise on our video measuring system.

CNC Video Measuring Machine, (Video Measuring system) is a measuring system with CCD camera for 2D measurement. CNC Video Measuring Machine, (Video Measuring system) is one of the best developed products in Carmar’s product lines.  Providing customers with precise, cost effective equipments and good service are our business philosophy. Video Measuring Machine, (Video Measuring system) series satisfy all kinds of two dimensional measurements with self-developed software.

CNC Video Measuring System is a photoelectric measuring system of high precision and efficiency. It is composed of a series of components, such as CCD color camera of high resolution, continuous zoom lens, color monitor, video crosshairs generator, precise linear scale, multi-functional Digit Readout (DRO), 2D measuring software and high precision worktable. It is mainly applied in 2D measurement, sometimes in 3D as well. It is widely used in different kinds of precision finishing industries, such as electronic part, precision mold, precision tool, spring, screw processing, plastic, rubber, oil seal valve, camera part, pedal cycle part, motor part, conductive rubber and PCB processing. It is a must for the metric room, laboratory or workshop of various sectors concerning to machinery, electronics, gauging instrument, watch, plastic and light industry as well as academies, research institutions and measurement-inspecting department


Why should you choose Carmar CNC video measuring machine?

1. You need Automatic measuring machine. You want to save time to operate and train new operators.

2. You need to measure quite a lot of items, CNC video measuring machine help you save time.

3. CNC video measuring machine is a machine to reduce man made error; time and energy saved in QC department means operators utilize more time to do other important tasks

4. Time and energy you save daily will eventually bring a tremendous efficiency.

1.All Systems are Probe-Ready , Auto focus function, joystick control;
2.High accuracy with fixed working table and granite pedestal;
3.Fast servo motor controlling;
4.High resolution 1/2" color CCD camera and Zoom lens with sharp images;
5.USB interface linear exchanger can connect with professional measuring software;
6.Surface cold-light source is used to enhance the performance of illumination;
7.Applying MS Windows with CNC software with analysis abilities ensures the best performance.

Manufacturer of Video measuring Machine, Profile Projector, Instant measuring machine, Height Gauge, Linear Scale, DRO

Product Specifications

Manufacturer of Video measuring Machine, Profile Projector, Instant measuring machine, Height Gauge, Linear Scale, DRO