CNC Video Measuring Machine

Product Description

Why should you choose Carmar CNC VMM?

1. You just want Automatic measuring machine, you do not consider it in details. You do not want to spend a lot of time training new workers in QC department.

2. You need to measure quite a lot of items, CNC VMM save YOU a lot of time & manpower, both time & manpower saved means a lot of cost & energy saved.

3. VMM CNC is a machine to reduce man made error; time and energy saved in QC department means operators utilize more time to do other important tasks

4. Even customer doesn’t need to measure a lot of items, CNC VMM also save lots of time and energy of routine work.

5. Time and energy YOU save daily will eventually bring a tremendous efficiency, if YOU see it, YOU will not ignore the benefits.

1. All Systems are Probe-Ready , Auto focus function, joystick control;
2.High accuracy with fixed working table and granite pedestal;
3.Fast servo motor controlling;
4.High resolution 1/2" color CCD camera and Zoom lens with sharp images;
5.USB interface linear exchanger can connect with professional measuring software;
6.Surface cold-light source is used to enhance the performance of illumination;
7. Applying MS Windows with CNC software with analysis abilities ensures the best performance.

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Product Specifications