Video Digital Tool-maker Microscope
Product Description

CARMAR VDTM series video digital toolmaker microscope is a photoelectric measuring system of high precision and efficiency. It is mainly applied in 2D measurement, sometimes in 3D as well with eyepiece gauge. The measurements of surface roughness, height, depth, steps, etc. are made simply by relative measuring method.  VDTM measuring microscope is highly appreciated by manufacturers for its accurate measurement and inspection of objects, such as PCB, precision parts, ICs, magnetic heads, electronic components, etc. 

We built all the VDTM measuring machine on our, such as its linear scale, working stage, digital readout.      



1. VDTM series video toolmaker microscopes have many functions such as data gathering/displaying, image displaying/magnifying, data input/output.

2. Equipped with professional inspection color CCD camera and image measuring software greatly enhances image measurement performance, it make the operation of edge detection faster and more accurate.

3. Eyepiece system can perform good optical view and the illumination is much clearer then VMM.

4. VDTM can also connect to PC by RS232 interface on digital readout device. It can input and output the measured values directly.

Product Specifications