360° non-blind spot, from all possible angles
Arbitrary placement of samples,
Full-angle measurement

Product Description


Place = Measuring

Recording:Create measurement files with QC5000 software, which can measure points, lines, circles, arcs, ellipses, rings, rectangles, slots, distances, angles, pitches, point sets, etc.

Online Instant Check:The inspection is completed after placement, and the results are reflected immediately and the data is combined to calculate the NG rate, so that the process parameters can be adjusted online to improve the product yield.

Statistical report export:The data after measurement is automatically brought into the report. There are three types of report formats, including default output, custom report and data import to the report specified by the customer, which can reduce the time for personnel to repeatedly input data.

AI automatic judgment: When the AI ​​mode is turned on, as long as the customer changes the object to be tested, the software will automatically perform the measurement. If the customer needs a full inspection, it can be used with a robotic arm for measurement to reduce labor costs.

DXF comparison: It can import customer DXF files, and set the workpiece size tolerance zone, real-time image comparison to see if it exceeds the tolerance zone, and even output DXF with the software measurement function.

SPC statistics: According to the measurement items, it can automatically calculate and display OK number, NG number, maximum value, minimum value, average value, σ, 3σ, 6σ, Cp, Cpk and other main statistical values. The management of batch engineering capacity is also quite easy.


Maximum size measurement
# Superimpose the image of the sample rotated 360° into a picture
# Measure the size of the picture
# It can avoid the non-maximum size caused by the measurement angle

Multi-angle measurement averaging(with software computing function)
# Avoid extreme values ​​caused by measurement angle differences
# Sample placement does not require a specific angle
# Quick inspection of tools, lathe parts




Product Specifications


# 360 degree rotating stage
# Single program without dead angle measurement
# Special type for tools and lathe parts
# Instant detection of hundreds of sizes
# Equipped with SPC statistics system